Taieri Tennis Club operates Singles Ladders for all members by age-group. The Ladders are displayed at the Club and maintained by the respective Ladder Controller (SENIOR: Lindsay Connor. M: 022-489-5320. E: senior@taieritennis.co.nz , JUNIOR: Lindsay Connor. M: 022-489-5320. E: junior@taieritennis.co.nz).

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Ladder Rules

  1. It is the responsibility of the challenger to notify the Ladder Controller of the challenge. The challenger must then notify the challenged player as soon as possible and arrange to play within seven days of the challenge being notified. The challenger must notify the Ladder Controller of the match result within 24 hours of completion.
  2. Open challenges are allowed at the beginning of each season from September 1 until October 31. Thereafter a player can only challenge one or two places ahead on the ladder.
  3. No player may lodge a challenge with the same player within fourteen days of the previous match.
  4. No player will be required to play more than one challenge in a seven day period i.e. you cannot challenge a player already involved in a challenge.
  5. If the challenged player refuses to play within seven days, the match is forfeit.
  6. If the match can not be completed, the Ladder Controller will decide the outcome.
  7. Challenges should be played at Taieri Tennis Club.
  8. Players are encouraged to do their own umpiring. If there has been a problem and it has not been resolved by an impartial referee, then the player/s must contact the Ladder Controller and the match may need to be replayed with a referee present. Parents of Juniors are required to remain at a distance.
  9. Any dispute will be resolved by the Ladder Controller whose decision is final.
  10. The ladders will be displayed at the Club and on the Taieri Tennis Club website
  11. Balls must be supplied by the Challenger (seniors must supply new balls, juniors must supply good balls)
  12. Winning player to advise the match result and score to the Controller immediately after match completed
  13. Members who join the club after the open challenge period has ended must start at the bottom of the ladder
  14. Juniors who reach the top 2 poistions of their agegroup ladder may challenge up onto an older agegroup ladder at the discretion of the Controllers
  15. Players are expected to enter the TTC Singles Champs and defend/maintain their ranking. A member who does not enter the TTC Dingles Champs will lose two positions, this will be applied at the beginning of the Champs. All Club Champ matches count as ladder challenges.
  16. Saturday competition matches where Taieri plays Taieri also count as ladder challenges.

 Match Format

Ladders exist for the following ages: senior, U19, U15. (Age as at 30 April [end of summer season])

  • Senior: best of 3 tie-breaker sets
  • U19: best of 3 tie-breaker sets
  • U15: best of 3 tie-breaker sets

[a tie-breaker set means first to win 6 games wins the set, but must win by two games (e.g. 6-4, 7-5). If games reach 6-6 then a tie-breaker game is played, first player to seven points wins, but must win by two points (e.g. a set score of 7-6 (10-8) means player one won the set in a tie-breaker by 10 points to 8 points). Also note: the player who serves the first point of the tie-breaker is considered to have served, so the other player serves the first game of the next set.]