Sun morning: Handicapped Doubles Tournament

UPDATE: Friday 6pm. The tournament will be held Sunday (12 entrants). ( There were only 7 entrants for Saturday)

Selwyn Memorial Tournament – Handicapped Doubles

WHEN: Sunday morning 10th March at Taieri Tennis Club. 8:45 am – 12:30pm

This is a fun & challenging tournament for all abilities & ages where every player has an equal chance of winning.

Senior handicapped doubles tournament open to all TTC paid male and female senior members (and top junior members by invitation). Each player is handicapped based on current playing level. Partners are drawn at the beginning of the day. Tournament will a round-robin format. Entry Fee $5 plus a plate for morning tea.

You must be at the Club ready to start at Sun 8:45am.


  1. Each team has a handicap that carries through the day.
  2. At the start of each new match, compare team handicaps to determine how many points separate you.
  3. For example, a team handicap of +30 has a four point advantage over a team handicap of -30. Every game!
  4. The team on +30 starts every game on love (as normal), while the other team start four points behind i.e. -50. (-50, -40, -30, -15, love)
  5. If there is an even number of points to make up,  start serving every game to the duece court.
  6. If there is an odd number of points to make up,  start serving every game to the advantage court.
  7. Spin racquet to determine serve, no rally for serve.
  8. Short Duece rule applies (Blue player must serve to Blue player, Gold to Gold)
  9. Very important to call the score out loudly and clearly every point.
  10. Please get through your service games quickly – no delaying tactics
  11. Please change ends quickly, no stopping to talk. 
  12. Play stops immediately when time is called – do not finish the point, game.
  13. Report score immediately after match
  14. Changover time is quick
  15. 10 points for each match win, 1 point for each draw, 0 points for a loss. Most points wins. 
  16. If two teams have same points, then the winner of their head to head wins
  17. If the head to head was a draw then the best game differential wins (total games won less total games lost)
  18. If the teams are still equal, then a super tie-breaker is played
  19. All players should play to the best of their ability, the handicaps make it a level playing field
  20. This format teaches the importance of focusing on each and every point, this mental focus is critical skill in tennis

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